Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Women at Cabrillo

This year, Cabrillo has works by 13 composers, of whom one (1) is female. Well, that's an improvement over the years when no works composed by women have been performed at this award-winning contemporary music festival.


Anonymous said...

I guess that the Kronos concert I went to on Sunday wasn't part of Cabrillo, then, though it's listed on their schedule and it's included in their program book. It had original pieces by 5 composers, of whom 3 are female, and arrangements by 3 others, of whom 2 are female.

Lisa Hirsch said...

My count was based on this page, which lists Cabrillo Composers. You can see how I got the result I got; to find the composers Kronos performed, you have to dig through each program.

Anonymous said...

That meant you also missed Holly Harrison.

Michael said...

And it's less than in 2011, where 5 of the 19 composers on the 4 main orchestral programs were women. But you didn't blog about that, or apparently go to any of those concerts.