Thursday, August 01, 2013

Who's on First?

Zerbinetta is in NYC, where she gave the Mostly Mozart Festival (and Tommasini's article) hell (I was mild by comparison!)...Meanwhile, Tommasini is in Bayreuth reporting on Frank Castorf's new Ring production, which has been roundly booed....I figured he would be in Santa Fe for Oscar, since it is gay-themed, but it's James Oestreich instead. He hasn't reported in about any of the operas yet, although he has a nice posting in ArtsBeat about hearing the great Schubert Bb piano sonata three times in a week. Too bad about Nel; Wosner sounds interesting enough, and would you expect anything short of an "epic tour-de-force" from Marc-Andre Hamelin?


Henry Holland said...

The NY Times review of Oscar is up. Mr. Oesterreich wasn't impressed, to say the least. So when is it going to be done at San Francisco Opera? :-)

Lisa Hirsch said...

There's a flow chart for that:
____ no---> Never
Did David Gockley|
commission it? |
|____yes ---> Soon

Charles T. Downey said...

We have had coverage of both the Salzburg Festival (Jens Laurson) and Santa Fe Opera (me) this week at Ionarts (some of Santa Fe for The Classical Review) --

Alex Ross said...

Oestreich, nicht Oesterreich

Lisa Hirsch said...

I cannot spell his name right even when I'm looking at it. Fixed now, and thanks, Alex - I am reasonably sure this is the second time you have caught that goof.