Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Blog Conversation

I appear to have discovered how to get conversations going:
  • Post about Peter Singer.
  • Post about [subject of musical controversy].
  • Loosen up Blogger's comment settings a little.
I've got 12 comments on one posting, 14 on another. I can't complain.

Also, blogger/science fiction fan Paul Krugman has a few words on the value of the econoblogosphere. The music blogosphere can be a check on the errors and omissions of.....NY Times reviewers!


Elaine Fine said...

Also, engaging in the conversation with people who comment really helps.

Paul H. Muller said...

I try to read Iron Tongue regularly - esp for opera news - but the commenting got to be so difficult I stopped posting here a while ago...

Trying this now :)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Welcome back!