Monday, August 19, 2013

Minnesota Orchestra on the Brink

Osmo Vanska, music director of the Minnesota Orchestra, has stated that he will resign on September 9 if the musician lockout isn't resolved; reports (on Lebrecht, though) say that the board doesn't care about this.

If true, that says it all: a board that doesn't care about retaining a great conductor just doesn't give a damn.

Also at Lebrecht, commenters saying "but the orchestra just doesn't have the money to pay the musicians what they want." YES THEY DO. The orchestra has a substantial endowment ($140 million) and this very board, the one that can't find money for salaries, was able to raise around $45 million for renovations to the orchestra's concert hall.

As always, Bill Eddins has a few useful things to say. So does Drew McManus.

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Heather said...

Thanks, Lisa. Hadn't yet read Bill Eddins' post yet. It was well-written. Thanks for doing your share to keep us up to date with the goings-on up north.