Monday, August 12, 2013

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On blogging and the blogosphere:
Also see John Marcher's comment on my Blog Metrics posting.


Molly said...

I also wonder how much this has to do with all the above concerns and conundrums.

Lisa Hirsch said...


I noted last year that part of the problem is We Can't Keep Up. Here's the Big List of Classical Music Blogs showing why.

Elaine Fine said...

Oh dear. That's frightening!

Henry Holland said...

I read a pretty good % of the "Independents" in that list, but some I've fallen off with, such as Soho the Dog in Boston or those crazy Wellsung kids, simply because he/they post so rarely now. I suppose I could finally join the 20th century and get in to RSS feeds but oh well.

Plus, to be blunt, if someone's main interest is, say, baroque opera, I don't care if their writing is excellent, I simply won't be interested.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Uh, yeah, I recommend RSS readers, for sure. I could not keep up without Google, Feedly.

Nothin' wrong with reading what you care about and skipping the rest.